Liston claims that he is for Right to Work...

The Truth: Larry Liston voted for the largest tax increase in Colorado history, Referendum C. then he claimed to be against it once his Democrat allies had enough votes for final passage.

Source:  (HB05-1194 – Click "House Journal" at the top and go to April 18th. See line 10, page 1160 or click here

Larry claims that he is against Obamacare...

Liston claims that he is loyal to Republicans...

Larry claims that he is for lower taxes...

The Truth: Liston publicly signed but then broke his Colorado Union of Taxpayers (CUT) Pledge to limit government and protect citizens rights.


See bottom right of page 8, "Pledge Violations".

The Truth:  Liston pledged on a candidate survey to Planned Parenthood to support their taxpayer subsidies, but then tells pro-lifers he is against it.

Click here to see his Planned Parenthood survey. 

The Truth: So deceptive with Colorado Springs voters that LISTON even received campaign support from lobbyists for Planned Parenthood , the ACLU , Labor Unions , and One Colorado (pro-homosexual lobby). 

Source: Colorado Secretary of State TRACER filings and the Media Trackers article

The Truth: Liston voted to kill an e-verify bill in the state house. HB12-1309 would of aligned Colorado with federal electronic verification rules, making it harder for illegal aliens to take jobs from Colorado citizens. Again, aligning with Democrats, Liston sent the bill to be killed in another committee.
“I’m here to set the record straight. Representative Liston cast the vote to send my E-verify bill to the (House) Agriculture committee to die. That’s my bill!" said former Rep. Marsha Looper.

Larry claims that his campaign is truthful...

Larry claims that he is pro-life...

Liston claims that he respects women... 

The Truth: A Liston radio ad was pulled from the air for voicing false information.

“Based on direction provided to me by Cumulus legal counsel, I have informed the Liston campaign that the commercial is being pulled off the air due to unsubstantiated claims,” wrote Scott Jones, a market manager at Cumulus (6/15/2016). 

See the community notice here.

Liston claims to be for less government...

The Truth: Liston's record was so bad that he was kicked off his committee by Republican House Leadership for voting and working with Democrats, attested to by the other Republican committee members.

See: The Denver Post, 4/30/2012.

The Truth: Larry assaulted an HD16 senior citizen.

Watch Peg's testimony here:


The Truth: Liston voted against pro-business Republicans and with the Democrat union bosses to kill Right to Work for Colorado.

See:  HB07-1267 and his committee vote he​re. Click on the link by "Final Vote."

Liston claims to be against illegal immigration... 

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By June 28th, please vote to

reject Larry Liston's

liberal record and dishonesty with voters

at our House District 16 Republican primary election.   

Larry claims that he supports senior citizens...

Larry claims that he keeps his word to voters...

The Truth: Contributing to out-of-control state spending in Colorado, Liston repeatedly voted for billions in more government spending.  (State Budget Bills: SB11-209, HB12-1335).


The Truth: ​Liston voted with the Democrats to bring Obamacare to Colorado, SB11- 200, now he claims to oppose Obamacare.

Source: House Journal May 4 2011, page 1235.


The Truth: LISTON called unwed mothers “sluts”.

Source: The Gazette 2/6/2008.

The Truth:  In 2005, Larry Liston was photographed cross dressing on the House floor to make fun of Rep. Morgan Caroll and again in 2009 making fun of another female legislator.

Source: Denver Library Archives, The Denver Post and Getty Images.